Understanding Boats Articles:

How to Verify Boat VIN

Verify your boat’s VIN to access detailed information about its history, specifications, and ownership records for a secure boat purchase.

Top Websites for Boat Rentals (Reviewed)

Set sail on adventure with our guide to the best websites for Boat Rentals & Yacht Charters – your ticket to the ultimate sea escapade!

Boatsetter vs. GetmyBoat vs. Click&Boat

Discover the key differences in boat rentals with my boatsetter vs GetMyBoat vs Click&boat comparison to find the best fit for your nautical adventure.

Essential Winter Boating Gear for Safe Cruising

Winter Boating Gear and accessories that you need to make your cold and rainy weather boating experience pleasant.

Essential Steps To Ensure Secure Boat Rentals

Renting a boat can be an exhilarating adventure, offering a perfect opportunity to discover the waterways and unwind. However, providing a safe boating experience is essential to protecting every person onboard. Following critical steps and precautions, including knowing how to rent a boat, may maximize enjoyment while prioritizing safety during your boat condominium excursion.

New Guide for HIN numbers for States

What are the new Coast Guard guidance for HIN numbers as of August 2023? Understanding USCG BSX-23-Policy-23-02

The Average Cost Of Shipping A Boat

Discover the average costs of shipping a boat. From small dinghies to luxury yachts, explore pricing factors for domestic and international transport. Make informed decisions for a smooth and budget-friendly boat shipping experience.

10 Ways to Maximize Your Boat’s Resale Value

Read our guide to learn the top 10 strategies to maximize your boat’s resale value, from cleaning and detailing to assessing and repairing damages. Discover the best tips and tricks to get the most out of resale boat values and make sure you get the highest return possible. Don’t miss out on your chance to maximize your investment in your boat – use our tips to ensure you get top dollar in a boat resale!

Boat Insurance 101 – Boat Insurance Basics [EXPLAINED]

Looking for the best boat insurance? Learn how to find coverage that fits your needs and budget in this comprehensive guide. Get the answers you need to protect your boat and its passengers today! Boat Insurance 101 – Boat Insurance Basics

How to obtain a HIN number on a boat? (State-assigned Hull ID)

Ready to own a boat? Learn how to register and get a HIN (Hull Identification Number) for your boat. Read this article to understand the registration process if your vessel does not have one yet!

Boat Safety Precautions You Should Not Ignore

A safe boating trip that’s what everyone wants and that’s what you’ll have if you work at it. Follow the advice of the experts and read your manual and follow the precautions.

What is an Environmental Lien on a vessel?

Understand what an Environmental Lien on a vessel. Learn how it works, how it impacts boat owners, and what you need to know about this important maritime law. We explain some pitfalls of boat liens and their tpes.

Everything you need to know about NMMA Certified Boat Manufacturers

Are you considering purchasing a certified boat from an NMMA-approved manufacturer? Learn what to look for in an NMMA Certified Boat Manufacturer, the steps needed to get a boat certified, and how to ensure you are buying quality-built boats. Get all the information you need to make an informed purchase.

What to Look for on a Sea Trial

We discuss what a boat buyer needs to know about sea trials They are like a test drive but for boats. We give tips on how do to it or what to expect from the surveyor.

2023 Best Boat Brands in USA – Top boat Brands You Want to Own

Discover the best boat brands for your next aquatic adventure. From luxurious luxury yachts to sturdy fishing boats, this comprehensive guide has everything you need to determine the right vessel for you. Read now to explore the top boat brands and find the perfect one for your needs. Even best PWC brands!

Coast Guard Documentation Number Lookup

Discover the process for Coast Guard Documentation Number Lookup. Learn how to quickly and easily find your documentation number online for free and tips for keeping your documentation up to date. Get the most out of your vessel with our easy guide and search tool.

Best Boating Forums – 20 Most Popular Boating Forums to Join

Are you a boat enthusiast? Check out our list of the top 20 boating forums to connect with other boat owners and get answers to all your boating questions. From fishing tips to boat care, learn all the best advice from the professionals.

What is BoatUS Foundation?

This article comprehensively covers everything related to the BoatUS Foundation, its mission, projects, and more. Having been in the industry for many years, we give the best explanation so you can equip yourself with everything there is to know!

Documents Needed To Sell Your Boat

Are you looking to sell your boat? Ensure you have all the required documents covered before you put it on the market! Learn what documents you need to have in order to complete a successful boat sale.

Advantages of Buying a Used Boat

Too often people focus on the financial drawbacks of buying a used boat, but there are many advantages. Learn what they are and get the best deal on your dream boat. Read our article to know more and pros and cons of pre-owned boats.

What affects the Value of a Used Boat?

Are you looking to buy a used boat but don’t know how to evaluate its value? Discover the key factors that affect the value of a used boat, from age and condition to market demand and depreciation. Learn tips and strategies for getting the most out of your purchase.

What to do with a Boat Abandoned on your Property

Abandoned boat on your property? What can you do to get rid of it or How keep it as a free boat in your State. Discover what to do if you find a boat abandoned on your property. Learn the legal steps to take and how to safely dispose of the vessel. Get the answers you need to ensure you are not responsible for any liability.

70 Funniest Boating Memes

Collection of the best 70 memes related to boats and boating life. Funniest boating memes on the internet.

Buying a Boat from a Private Seller with a Lien

Looking to buy a boat from a private seller with a lien? Learn about the process, what to consider, and how to protect yourself in this comprehensive guide. Get the essential tips you need to ensure a smooth and successful purchase of a vessel with a loan on it.

Do Jet Skis have Hull Identification numbers?

Jet skis are becoming an increasingly popular watercraft, but do they have hull identification numbers? Find out in this informative article, where we discuss the laws and regulations that apply to PWC manufacturers, plus tips and tricks to read and lookup the PWC HIN.

Hull Identification Number lookup – HIN Search

Find out how to locate and search for a hull identification number (HIN) for boats and watercraft. Learn about the legal requirements for boat registration and safety, and get the information you need to lookup a boat HIN

How long do boats last?

In this article, we answer all your questions regarding the average lifespan of a boat based on the different types and materials used. Having done all the research from multiple sources, we can guide you on properly caring for your boat and increasing its longevity.

Boat Specs by HIN

We explain how to Decode your Boat Hull ID Number to obtain your boat specifications. We also discuss limitations to this method and alternatives to get boat specs by HIN.

Sea Doo VIN Lookup (Jet Ski & PWC HIN Lookup)

Sea Doo VIN Lookup tool for free on any US and Canadian PWC. We cover HIN decoding and lookups for PWCs.

Boat Manufacturers in Florida

List of all 864 boat manufacturers in Florida. Boat brands that are made in Florida are many but we show the table of the ones still in business.

3 Types of Boat Numbers & 3 HIN Formats (Compared)

In this short article, we explain the differences in Boat Numbers between a HIN, State Reg. No. and the USCG Official Number in the USA. We also compare to Canadian Boat numbers.

Floating Villa – Boat House you want to own!

Looking at the Sea Hose floating villa in Dubai.

Official ‘Carfax for Boats’

is there a boat fax like carfax? Can you run a Carfax on a boat? We know that carfax.com allows you to search a car’s history but can you search a boat’s history. Lets find out what is a Boatfax carfax but for boats and explain UCOTVA. We also explain free carfax for boats steps.

Does a Boat have a VIN Number? (EXPLAINED)

Does a Boat have a VIN Number? – find the answer in this article as we explain where to find it and how to decode a boat HID.

How to Check a Boat HIN Number | Hull ID Check

There are two ways to check a boat’s HIN number. The HIN of a boat is like a VIN for a vehicle. HIN stands for hull identification number and is affixed to the stern of the vessel. You want to validate it then check its history.

A Guide to Contacting Boat-Alert Customer Support

To get in touch with BoatAlert via email, you can reach out right away and get a fast response at . or access the FAQ for self-service support. Boat-alert.com has email, phone, and Social media contacts,

How Do You Read a Hull ID Number (HIN)?

How do I read my HIN number on my boat? and how do I find the make, year and model of my boat using the Hull ID number? This handy guide shows you steps for decode your boat’s HIN manually.

How to Register a Boat in Canada | Update 2022

All you need to know about boat registration numbers in Canada. Is it registered or licenced under PCL? which one should you do? and official resources to check.

Boat Builders that are out of business (Unofficial)

Boat Builders that are out of business. Here we provide an unofficial list below is based on rumors/forums (unverified)

Virginia Boat Registration

Virginia boat registration search database with title and lien search with HIN lookup.

YouTube Boating Channels you MUST Follow (RANKED)

Best Boating Channels

UCC Filings Search – Every State

Uniform Commercial Code filings search links for every US State so you can lookup boat liens in UCC records.

Rare Boat Memes | Must See

Funny Memes boaters should see

Nevada Boat Registration

Nevada boat registration search database with title and lien search with HIN lookup. Do a Nevada boat vin check.

New Mexico Boat Registration | HIN Check

New Mexico boat registration search database with title and lien search with HIN lookup. Find out about Boat VI Check in New Mexico.

You want to avoid these Common Mishaps On Boat Trips

The Most Common Mishaps On Boat Trips. Crashes due to Alcohol consumption, poor attention, not following the rules slipping and not following the rules.

Top 8 Problems to Check Before Going Boating

Every year, the coastguard receives countless calls from boaters caught in the water at night who are unable to recognize the coast. Boaters say they have seen red lights and hope the Coast Guard can pinpoint their location. Don’t be one of the stranded boaters Do your homework before the trip. Here is a checklist of problems you want to avoid before going boating.

What is a Boat Transcript of Registry? | Canadian Vessel Transcripts Explained

What is a Canadian Boat Transcript of Registry? what does it contain and how to see a sample PDF

All About State Issued Hull Identification Numbers

Should you buy a boat that has a state issued HIN? first what is a state-HIN and which cases require one? all you need to know is right here.

All About Jet Boards | What is a Jet Board?

A jet board is a surfboard that is motorized. The rider controls the speed using a hand-held remote control and maneuvers the board using weight shifting. Jet boarding offers a pleasant and exciting experience on the water and is suitable for all riders and represents an innovative addition to traditional water sports.

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