Boat Maintenance Articles:

Choosing the Best Marina or Storage facility for your Boat

Finding the right marina or storage facility for your boat is crucial. This guide on how to choose a marina covers amenities, location, security, and costs to help you make an informed decision.

The Average Cost Of Shipping A Boat

Discover the average costs of shipping a boat. From small dinghies to luxury yachts, explore pricing factors for domestic and international transport. Make informed decisions for a smooth and budget-friendly boat shipping experience.

How long do boats last?

In this article, we answer all your questions regarding the average lifespan of a boat based on the different types and materials used. Having done all the research from multiple sources, we can guide you on properly caring for your boat and increasing its longevity.

How To Winterize Your Boat

Winterize your boat and keep it safe from the cold weather! Learn the essential steps to winterize your boat from top to bottom, including draining fluids, removing electronics, and more. Don’t wait until it’s too late, get your boat ready for the winter today!

How to Prepare Your Boat for Spring Boating Season | De-winterizing Checklist | Spring Commissioning your Vessel

Winter is over and your boat needs preparation for boating season. Here is how to de-winterize your boat and commission it for spring. Checklist inside to Prepare Boat for Spring.

Floating Villa – Boat House you want to own!

Looking at the Sea Hose floating villa in Dubai.

Boat Shipping and Transportation [Ultimate Guide to Hauling your Boat]

All you need to know about working with a boat transporter. Get your boat transport quotes and save on boat shipping while knowing the ins and outs of this method.

Different Kinds of Boat Surveys [Ultimate List]

A comprehensive list of types of marine surveys for boats and vessels you will need for each scenario. We mention the pros and cons of a boat inspection in terms of limitations and what the report contains

Boat makes that have gone out of Business (part 2) | defunct boat manufacturers

Big list of Boat builders that went out of business in America – PART 2. obtained from the USCG by the boat-alert blog.

Nebraska Boat Registration

Nebraska boat registration search database with title and lien search with HIN lookup.

Saltwater Vs. Freshwater Boating | Which boat type is best

For those new to boating, there are differences between saltwater and freshwater boats. Saltwater boats are designed for obvious reasons to deal with corrosion resistance.

Used Boats: Water Intrusion and Moisture Meters

Wetness and Moisture Meters are vital tools that must be used to evaluate used boats before buying. Scan your boat after checking the HIN history and when doing a sea trial.

Used Boats: What’s The Most likely Repair Cost?

What is the most expensive boat repair? The costliest Boat Repair jobs are Fiberglass repair, mechanical repair, and electrical/electronic repairs.

Budgeting Your “Boat Dollars”

Preparing an annual boating budget does not offset high boating cost. Use “Watercraft dollars” calculations to control your expenses. A spreadsheet will help you be in control. Make a boat maintenance spreadsheet on an annual basis to manage your spending and expectations

Ideal Ways to Keep Your Boat Safe and Secure in Winter Storage

Don’t take any risk of losing your boat during winter storage. This article provide essential tips and advice on how to protect your boat.

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