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How Boat Buyer Consumers Think Now

Adaptation to consumer demands for value, convenience, and personalization is crucial for businesses to thrive in the modern marketplace.

What is a Certified Boat Dealer? Marine Industry Five Star Dealer (MICD)

Be sure you’re buying from the best boat dealer around! Learn the ins and outs of a Marine Industry Five Star Dealer (MICD), a certified boat dealer program that meets the highest industry standards. Discover the benefits of working with a certified boat dealer to get the best deals on your next boat purchase.

What is a Certified Pre-Owned Boat? (CPO Explained)

Are you considering buying a Certified Pre-Owned Boat (CPO)? Learn all about the process and what it entails by reading this article. From warranties to dealer certifications, we cover everything you need to know about CPO boats by the MRAA before you make an important vessel purchase from a dealer.

Boat Buyer’s Guide to Brokers And Dealers

You don’t want to buy a private boat so discover the tips to selecting the perfect boat broker or dealer for you. From vetting potential brokers to negotiating the best deal, this boat buyer’s guide has you covered. Learn how to make the most of your purchase and get the best boat for your budget.

Finding the Right Boat Dealer

Are you looking to buy a boat? Discover the best tips for finding the right boat dealer and ensure you get the perfect boat for your needs. Get invaluable advice on how to locate the best boat dealer and shop with confidence. We cover ranking factors in the process.

Why Boat Dealers are Using Boat Alert Reports

Find out why boat dealers are using boat alert reports to sell faster and gain customer trust.

How to Register a Boat in Manitoba | Vessel Licensing and Registration in Manitoba

Boat Registration Process in Manitoba for large and small boats including pleasure craft licences. All you need to know about registering or licencing a boat in Manitoba including taxes, boat lookups, Liens, and transfers.

What is my Boat Worth? Top 10 Boat Value tools & Pricing Guides

Are you selling your boat and don’t know how much to sell it for? Top 5 boat valuation tools – Free blue book values as guidelines to know your Boat’s Worth! Power boat, Sailboat Prices & Personal Watercraft Values

How to Licence a Pleasure Craft in Canada (Must Know in 2022)

Learn to licence a pleasure boat in Canada when buying or selling a boat in Canada. Avoid mistakes and penalties. Be prepared with the required documents for boat licenses for Canadians in all provinces.

How Many Boats Move Out of State | Traveling boat Statistics in the USA

We calculated how many US States are boat has been registered in. Did you know that 13 percent of boats moved to another State? and 2% moved a third time!

Why U.S. Boat Sales Are Booming | More new boat owners during Covid

Every year, about a third of Americans spend at least some time on a boat. In the landscape of recreational power sports, which includes boats, some categories have seen their fair share of struggles in recent years. But boat industry revenues have been mostly growing. Boat sales have seen a boost during Covid, but some analysts think the growth is poised to continue.

Build Customer Trust With This Boat History HIN Report Service For Dealers

With a $200 monthly subscription, you get 50 reports per month and unused credits are rolled to the next month!

Boat Alert History Report Subscription Service For Dealers & Brokers Launched

Boat Alert has launched a boat history report subscription service for dealers. The reports aggregate data from over 68 databases to provide dealers with a unique selling point and access to HIN data. Boat Alert has announced the launch of boat history reports for boat dealers and yacht brokers. The service was previously only available […]

To learn more about History Reports for used boats and boat history search visit:

Boat Alert History Reports© exists to aggregate boat databases so that shoppers can search and buy a used boat safely while saving time and money researching a used boat's history. We began in 2015 and constantly adding more boat lien search data for USA and Canada to ensure that your boat has a clean history. We are happy to offer a 60-day money back guarantee and proud to have served more than 15,000 customers with their boat HIN Search History needs. how to check boat registration numbers ©. Two percent of all proceeds go to charity. We value fair treatment of employees, customer satisfaction, having the most databases possible, and fast customer service at the core of our brand. View our LinkTree.