Why Boat Dealers are Using Boat Alert Reports


In this short article, we discuss why boat dealers are choosing Boat-Alert history reports for their active inventory. A lot of companies in the industry are benefiting and there’s a huge opportunity in using this tool to gain a competitive advantage. 

The benefits of providing a boat history report are many and include:

  • Sell more boats. Why? Keep reading…
  • Reduce risk on you. How? More below!
  • Random craigslist boats had issues (about one in seven) and they are selling as clean boats.
  • Boat Alert gives you a new marketing angle to help increase margins on used boats.
  • Reduce your risk on trade-in and broker boats from the dealer side or the broker side.
  • Protect yourself as a dealer or as a broker because by not knowing everything you possibly can about a boat that you’re selling or representing, then you’re putting yourself liable.
  • Boat Alert reports are part of the due diligence process, making sure that you’re not going to take a trade-in assuming it’s a certain value only to later have to reduce the price of the boat.
  • Boat History Title Reports from Boat alert will help you represent yourself and your organization with integrity.
  • Find out more information that you just won’t know without that Boat-Alert Report and you can really reduce your risk that way.
  • Make people feel comfortable by having their questions answered early on. especially, first-time buyers. They won’t feel embarrassed asking too many questions because you offered answers upfront about the boat in that boat alert history check.
  • Litigation: you should have been aware of an issue and should have disclosed it. Boat Alert HINCheck reports will search for negative events in the boat history. In some cases, the broker or the seller was found liable for damage and it was proven that they didn’t do their due diligence even for an innocent misrepresentation.
  • Reduce the risk and do right by your customer for that used boat.
  • Reports even help you sell faster by making the sales cycle shorter as it answers questions upfront.
  • Consumers are doing their research before they visit your showroom so the boat alert history check along with your dealer website will give an excellent first impression.
  • Getting every piece of information at the fingertips of the customers before they walk in the door to look up a used boat Hull ID will ease the sales cycle.
  • You will be the number one expert on that boat.
  • The HinDecoder.com check will help you ensure that that the boat listing info is correct (such as the year, model, make and length).
  • With pre-owned inventory, one of the biggest issues for making the sale is fear. The Boat buyer’s fear is that they are buying somebody else’s issue. Our Boat HULL Check Reports’ value is that it can eliminate that fear.
  • Imagine telling the customer “it’s not a perfect boat, there’s no warranty but let me tell you all the things that we’ve done to make this piece of inventory less likely to have an issue.” You can come off as a down to earth and above-board type of seller.
  • Providing the Boat history report will eliminate the unknowns for all parties.
  • You will get more traffic and interest on the inventory that you do have listed because it has a clean history.
  • The customer will think: “this dealer is looking out for me. I don’t see other people have this boat alert report and so this one seems to be more honest and ethical”. They will also think “They are providing the boatalert hin lookup for free, up front, and they’re providing it on their website, I just feel better about them overall”.
  • Boat-Alert helps build credibility and increases the trust factor between all parties involved in the used boat shopping experience.
  • When customers look at that boat online, they print out that Boat Alert history report and it’s got your dealership information on it! (your logo, a blurb about your location, and your contact information). This is one step in entanglement and will keep you in the mind of the customer.
  • When you give the Boat-Alert HIN Check for free and another dealer does not offer it they are making them go buy it at full price. Your dealership on the other hand is providing value upfront!
  • Another selling point that can set you apart from other dealers and helps you justify a higher price point. Your boat might be more expensive but here’s the history of it, here’s the story from the seller, and Boat-Alert is a third party that justifies all of that while at another location/dealer the customer has lots of unknowns and question marks surrounding another boat they are considering.
  • Tip: Plant the seeds of doubt against your competition by saying “I’m not sure why everybody doesn’t give a boat-alert report”.  You’re showing them that you’re not hiding anything no matter what so why aren’t the other dealers and brokers showing you the Boat Alert history?
  • Everything you say after this is that much more believable. 
  • ease their fears about a stolen boat that they won’t have to worry with your dealership’s boat. they can be on the hook if they buy a stolen boat and not be reimbursed for it.
  • clean title does not mean there are no negative events and so you don’t want to fall into even a minor misrepresentation on a boat. it will leave you as guilty in a court of law if it comes down to it.
  • Pipeline of leads can grow and you can keep in touch with the buyer after winter if they have not made a purchase yet.
  • All these benefits we listed above make boat alert an inexpensive selling tool that also lowers your risk.
  • BoatAlert reports help all of us sell more boats as a whole industry by all being trusted that much more.

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Infographic - Boat Dealers selling used boats
Infographic – Boat Dealers selling used boats

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