Used Boats: Water Intrusion and Moisture Meters

Used Boats: Water Intrusion and Moisture Meters

Used boats can have problems that are hard to discover without the right tools. Protect yourself (and your wallet) with an easy-to-use water intrusion and moisture meter.

Buying A Used Boat? Here Comes Water Intrusion and Moisture Damage. Test Your Boat Before Buying; Here are few tips on how to measure moisture content of Fiberglass and Wood Hulls, Wood Framing, Wood Floors and More:

Your first step to protecting yourself from moisture and water intrusion problems on your boat is to take a moisture meter reading before you buy. This article will show you how to find a used boat and how to test the wood decking, bulkheads, hull and more with your wetness meter. You can do this before the sea trials.

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When you purchase a used boat or yacht, how can you know what has happened to the vessel over time? What if the infiltration did not cause any reportable damage? Yes, The database is a good starting point but one way to do check this is to use meters or scanners such as moisture meters and water intrusion meters before you buy.

Conduct your own moisture test

You’ll check for wetness meters in the same way you’d perform a home inspection on a house before purchasing it. In fact, a water intrusion meter, or “moisture meter,” is very similar to a home inspection tool. Boat buyers have a lot of options when it comes to shopping for a new or used boat. The used boat market typically offers tremendous savings over new boats, but come with their share of risk as well. One of these risks is water intrusion through the hull. While there are visual clues like checking for blistering paint on the exterior or discolored carpeting in the interior that could give you an indication of this problem, a wetness meter (also called moisture meters) can be very effective in detecting any water intrusions in the hull.

Many boaters don’t want to be held responsible for the water intrusion or moisture found in used boat that they buy.

Buying a used boat with hidden problems can be a nightmare if you don’t take all the right steps and downright impossible if you don’t use a wetness meter before buying used boats. The database combines 68 nationwide databases into a single place so you can search in a matter of minutes. These include records for stolen boats, marine lien claims, boating accidents, pollution incidents, auctioned boats, factory recalls, and boat manufacturers.

Just about anyone looking into the used boat market wants to know how to avoid buying a water-damaged boat or keep it from happening after you’ve bought a boat. The biggest thing that you can do as soon as possible is buy a wetness meter. Even if you take precautions you can still end up with a boat that has moisture damage. Some people are victimized by unscrupulous sellers and buyers may also be at fault for purchasing a broken boat without knowing it.

boat Wetness Meter or moisture meter
Boat wetness and moisture meter
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Select The Right Tool

Wetness Meters are useful and important tools which measure water levels in boats. If you’re serious about shopping for used boats, then you need to have an idea of the questions you need answered before pulling the trigger. Here are Top 7 Boats Buying Strategies.

Dampness meters can assist you in finding where water invasion has happened.

Types of boat moisture meters

There are various kinds of meters: One kind makes use of probes put right into the timber, and also passes an electric current in between them to determine resistance. The various other kinds develop a magnetic field in the neighboring framework and checks regularity distinctions to establish water content. That kind does not require the insertion of probes into the hull or wood.

Using this meter is one of the most proactive ways to extend the life of your boat purchase and protect yourself from any potential problems down the road (and legal issues).

Boat Moisture meters infographic

Trying to save money on a used boat by not checking the water intrusion or moisture content can be risky. Same with not checking the Boat facts history with Using a water intrusion and/or moisture meter before buying is fast, easy and inexpensive.

boat Buyer remorse
Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

A moisture meter can determine the presence of water in a boat’s hull and bulkheads, allowing you to avoid buying a boat that is already ruined from the inside. Water intrusion meters allow boaters to check the hoses, the bilge, and even the cabin’s electrical wiring for water ingress. A wetness meter is an invaluable tool when purchasing a used boat to discover whether or not it contains major hidden damage caused by water damage. Used boats can quickly become dangerous to buy after a storm or other damage causes leaks. Meters like this can help you minimize your risk when buying, yet still be able to find out about most things that are wrong with them.

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