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Sea Doo VIN lookup | sample sea doo hull identification numbers

Many people arrive here wondering if a Sea Doo has a VIN at all and if so, how to look it up. This is important if you want to find out about recalls or when buying a used PWC. Did you know that every jet ski has a few codes to identify each important component, such as the engine, model, jet pump unit, etc.? Normally, the codes are alphanumeric and comprise serial numbers. The main one is the Hull ID Number.

This article talks about Sea Doo VIN lookup and how to find the VIN, model, year, and serial numbers of a Sea Doo jet ski. Since we’ve been in the industry for many years running lookups on boat jetskis for 20,000 plus boaters, we put together this guide.

What is Sea Doo?

The technical name of a Sea Doo is Personal Water Craft (PWC) or water scooter. These PWC models are generally referred to by the trademarked brand names, such as Sea-Doo by Bombardier, WaveRunner by Yamaha, Jet Ski by Kawasaki, and AquaTrax by Honda. We have covered how you select the Right Personal Water Craft (PWC) in case you are shopping for one now.

While all PWCs are most commonly referred to as “jet skis,” their exact names differ based on the brand.

It should be noted the a Jet ski is different from a jet boat.

Do Seadoos have VINs? | What is a HIN on a jet ski?

To identify your PWC, you need to first find a 12-digit Hull Identification Number (HIN), which will be unique for every PWC. All watercraft have been assigned a HIN since 1972, but the current HIN system has been in effect since 1984.

Where is the Boat History Database?

The database combines 92+ nationwide databases into a single place so you can search in a matter of minutes. These include records for stolen boats, marine lien claims, boating accidents, pollution incidents, auctioned boats, factory recalls, and boat manufacturers.

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Where Is The HIN Located On A PWC?

Legally, all PWC manufacturers are required to display the HIN on the outside of the hull at the back of the ski. The primary HIN is located on the stern or aft deck of the watercraft, whereas the second HIN is somewhere on the PWC or under the hood. The HIN may also be affixed inside the engine or marked somewhere behind a removable fixture. Inspect the watercraft thoroughly, and you will most likely find it. 

How To Perform A Sea Doo VIN Lookup?

  •         Step#1– Look for the VIN/HIN on the backside of the Sea Doo.
  •         Step#2 –Validate the HIN using to ensure no errors or typos.
  •         Step#3 – Use the website for a jet ski HIN lookup. Find all the relevant information about the PWC, from HIN and USA/Canada registration to names, watercraft value, pollution incidents, and auction data.

Should You Register Or Title A Jetski? | Jet Ski Registration Numbers

Jet skis have to be registered if they are operated on public waterways. The US Coast Guard classifies jet skis as Class-A inboard boats, meaning they must undergo the same registration process as other motorized boats. Moreover, the Hull Identification and registration numbers must be displayed on the jet ski, and the registration documents have to be kept on board.

The exact regulations regarding jet ski registration may differ depending on the state, so check the local laws beforehand.

Many jet skis need a title since it’s a legal requirement in several states. However, not all states require a jet ski to have a title. The title confirms ownership, so it’s highly recommended to get one.

How to Identify the Manufacturing Month and Model Year on a Sea Doo?

The ninth and tenth digits of the HIN denote the manufacturing month and year. The month is represented by an alphabet, A through L, for the 12 months. The manufacturing year, which also signifies when a jet ski is certified, is represented by a single number.

Where to Find the Model Number on a Sea Doo by VIN?

All jet skis come with a model name or number on the deck and other parts of the watercraft, such as the hood and seat or inside the engine. You can also find the number on the manual, insurance policy papers, and original registration details.

Sea Doo Manufacturing Identification Code (MIC)

The first three digits of the HIN in the United States and other countries include the Manufacturer Identification Code or MIC. The MIC for Sea Doo (Bombardier Recreational Products) is YDV. 

Where to Find Sea Doo Unique Serial Number?

The HIN’s five digits following the MIC contain a unique serial number. These characters may contain alphanumeric codes or numbers only. If the code contains numbers and alphabets, the letters I, O, and Q are excluded to eliminate confusion, as anyone may mistakenly interpret them as numbers.

There is no particular rule on whether a manufacturer uses all 5 numbers or a combination of several numbers and alphabets. However, companies don’t utilize the code or same serial number for two Sea Doo models.

For instance, in the following HIN number ABC-12345-D404, the serial number is #12345. The serial number makes a Hull number unique. The remaining 7 digits can be the same for a batch of Sea Doos manufactured in the same month and year.

How to Read Sea Doo HIN Number? | Seadoo HIN Decoder

Reading a Sea Doo HIN number can be tricky if you are unaware of its components. Use the following guide:

  •       The first 3 letters of a Sea Doo HIN include the manufacturer’s code that shows the PWC’s manufacturing details.
  •         The next 5 characters represent the watercraft’s unique serial number
  •         The last 4 characters show the manufacturing date and the PWC’s model year.

Let’s use an example HIN that reads YDV -88888 –K406. In this case, the YDV represents the manufacturer (Bombardier); the #88888 represents the serial number; the K4 represents the manufacturing month and Year, where the month is November (eleventh month, like K in the English alphabet); and 05 shows the model year, i.e. 2005.

What To Do In Case The HIN Is Missing From The Aft Deck Of The Sea-Doo?

If the HIN is missing from the aft deck of your Sea Doo, don’t panic. Look for a secondary HIN plate that is not usually exposed or present on the deck. You will find this HIN under the hood, inside the engine, or anywhere the company chooses.

Look behind and under removable fixtures of the Sea-Doo, and conduct a thorough inspection of the watercraft to search for the HIN. Alternatively, you can contact Bombardier and inquire about the exact location of the backup HIN in your Sea-Doo.

How to Lookup a HIN for a PWC or Jet Ski?

Personal watercraft, or PWC, is a small recreational watercraft where the operator sits, stands, or kneels on the vessel rather than completely inside it. Jets skis are a type of PWC categorized under different brands, including Bombardier, Yamaha, and Kawasaki.

All PWCs must adhere to the same Coast Guard standards and regulations as any other powerboats in this subcategory. They must be registered with the state and follow the Nautical Rules of the Road.

The HIN for a PWC or jet ski is the single most effective way to find its history and is normally found on the stern or the backside of the watercraft. You can also look for them on registrations, manufacturing certificates, or titles. Once you have found and noted the HIN, enter it in the search bar for a PWC VIN check and access to basic PWC registration details.

How Do I Know If A Jet Ski Is Stolen?

If you are trying to determine whether a jet ski is stolen, it is recommended that you get in touch with a law enforcement agency to check their database. Before you reach out to the authorities, get a history report from Boat-Alert to confirm the registration details and HIN.

Having the correct details on hand will prevent you from providing the wrong HIN to the local law enforcement agency and getting incorrect information.

Check Used Jet Ski HINs

If you are planning to purchase a used jet ski, you want to make sure you are not investing in a stolen watercraft. This will prevent you from giving up the PWC and avoid legal trouble. You’re lucky if you live in a state requiring a registered and titled PWC. You can use the HIN and verify if the seller’s claims match the data.

You can visit your local police or use Boat-Alert to determine whether the watercraft has been reported stolen by someone else. Feed the HIN into the website’s search bar and submit the information to access a detailed report on the jet ski’s history.

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How to Find the Manufacturer for a PWC by HIN?

The first three characters of a 12-digit HIN contain the Manufacturer Identification Code (MIC). Listed below are the top PWC companies and their manufacturer codes. Some have gone out of business.

CompanyModel(s)MIC (lookup boat manufacturer)
Bombardier Recreational ProductsSea-DooYDV
HondaAquaTrax or DefunctHPS
Tiger SharkArctic CatABU
Krash IndustriesFR Pro, Footrocket, ReaperKRA
KawasakiJet SkiKAW
Table: list of Jetski brands and their MIC (watercraft manufacturer)


In this article, we discussed what a Sea Doo VIN is, as well as other important information related to PWC and jet skis. We also explained how to decipher a watercraft’s HIN and highlighted the importance of doing a thorough history check through Boat-Alert when buying a used PWC. With over 90 databases, this tool is the best PWC HIN Search tool that provides quick service at competitive rates.

Infographic: Sea Doo HIN Lookup
Infographic: Sea Doo HIN Lookups

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list of jetski brands - top PWC brands
list of jetski brands – top PWC brands
note that Polaris produced personal watercraft from 1994–2004.

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