2023 Best Boat Brands in USA – Top boat Brands You Want to Own

Are you loyal to a single boat brand, or do you gravitate more towards whichever brand is trending when searching for your next boat?

The world of boat brands can be overwhelming at first glance, with so many names and models to choose from- this can make it difficult to decide which boat brand is truly worth your money.

That’s where we come in –In this piece, we have compiled a list of the best boat brand names to help you make quick and well-informed decisions when investing in a boat.

How we selected the top boat brands?

We have selected the top boat brands based on the volume of searches that these brands have received over the past years. We have then divided these brands into different categories, making it easy to search for the best manufacturer according to your preference.

best boat brands ranking

When ranking boat brands, several criteria can be considered to evaluate their quality, reputation, and overall standing in the market. Here are some key factors to consider when ranking boat brands:

  1. Quality and Craftsmanship: Assess the overall build quality, materials used, attention to detail, and craftsmanship of the boats produced by each brand. Look for well-designed and durable vessels that offer excellent performance and reliability.
  2. Innovation and Technology: Evaluate the brand’s commitment to innovation and the integration of advanced technologies in their boats. Consider features such as propulsion systems, navigation equipment, safety features, and other technological advancements that enhance the boating experience.
  3. Range and Diversity: Examine the brand’s portfolio and the diversity of boat types they offer. Look for brands that produce a wide range of boats, including fishing boats, sailboats, cruisers, yachts, and personal watercraft. A diverse lineup indicates a brand’s ability to cater to different boating preferences and needs.
  4. Customer Satisfaction and Reviews: Consider customer feedback, reviews, and ratings available online or from boating enthusiasts. Positive customer experiences, warranty support, and overall customer satisfaction reflect a brand’s commitment to providing a reliable and enjoyable boating experience.
  5. Reputation and Heritage: Take into account the brand’s reputation and heritage in the boating industry. Long-established brands with a strong history and positive industry recognition often indicate consistent quality and reliability.
  6. Performance and Handling: Evaluate the performance aspects of the boats, such as speed, maneuverability, stability, and fuel efficiency. Look for brands known for producing boats that excel in these areas.
  7. Resale Value: Assess the brand’s resale value and how well their boats hold their value over time. Brands that retain their value well indicate strong demand and a favorable market perception.
  8. Safety Features: Consider the safety features incorporated into the boats, such as life-saving equipment, stability control systems, fire suppression systems, and advanced safety technologies. Prioritizing safety is crucial for any boating brand.
  9. Environmental Impact: Evaluate the brand’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Look for boat brands that employ eco-friendly manufacturing practices, utilize efficient engines, and minimize their impact on the environment.
  10. Price and Value for Money: Consider the affordability and value for money offered by the brand’s boats. Compare the features, quality, and performance of the boats against their price tags to determine if they provide a good balance between cost and value.

By considering these criteria, you can create a comprehensive ranking of boat brands that takes into account various aspects of their offerings, reputation, and customer satisfaction. Remember that individual preferences may vary, so it’s essential to provide a well-rounded assessment to cater to different boating needs and interests.

Lets Start with the top boat manufacturers in USA:

Are Sea Ray and Bayliner the same company?

In 1986, the Boat Group, known as Brunswick Corporation (Brunswick Boat Group: NYSE: BC ), purchased Sea Ray boats and took over Bayliner in the same year. So while Sea Ray and Bayliner are not the same company, they are owned by a mutual parent company. This was done to diversify the outreach of Brunswick with a wide range of boats – from family-friendly affordable Bayliners to state-of-the-art luxury Sea Ray models.

In addition to these two companies, Brunswick owns other major boating brands, such as Boston Whaler, Lund, Quicksilver, and Harris Pontoons. In 2022, the annual revenue of Brunswick was a whopping $6.812 billion. They also have Mercury Marine engines for boats making it a top boat manufacturer.

Is it the biggest boat brand? well it is multiple brands in one company!

top boat brands

List of Top Boat Brands 2023

Best Sailboat Brands


Beneteau was established in France in 1884. Today, it has become a household name for sailboats and powerboats, with six different lines and around 20 models of sailboats alone. The heritage models of Beneteau are no longer available in the market but are available for bookings. The brand promises and delivers premium quality, variety, and comfort, meaning its watercraft can last for decades.


Hallberg-Rassy is a Swedish yacht manufacturer famous for its sturdiest and highest-quality sailboats. For many sailboat owners, this is their number one choice due to factors like safety, comfort, and easy handling. The brand is also famous for adding certain features to its boats that make them stand out from the rest, and you will be able to recognize its craft thanks to its unique styling.

Hinckley Yachts

Based in Maine, USA, Hinckley Yachts is a boat brand manufacturing luxury, robust, and safe sailboats for over 90 years. In its sailboats, you will find numerous outstanding features, including their classic shapes, dramatic lines, and inner strength, that are necessary when dealing with the rocky aquatic environment of the North Atlantic.

Best Saltwater Fishing Boat Brand

Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler is a reputable fishing boat brand in the USA that also manufactures luxury boats ranging from 11 to 42 inches in 38 different models. Besides its “unsinkable legend” history that dates back 60 years, the brand also boasts a strong resale value, which happens to be one of its strongest qualities. The brand was also awarded 15 consecutive Consumer Satisfaction Index Awards and 7 NMMA Innovation awards in the past ten years alone.

Pro-Line Boats 

Pro-Line Boats is a brand based in North Carolina that was founded in 1968. It started its journey building vessels for local fishing guides but has now expanded to top-tier saltwater fishing boats and sports watercraft. Features can include insulated fish boxes, lighted baitwells, stowage for fishing rods, and casting decks. It is worth checking out as being one of the top boat makes.

Grady White

When it comes to saltwater fishing boats, very few names in the boating industry carry as much weight as Grady-White. The brand has collected numerous customer satisfaction awards, NMMA CSI awards, and J.D Power and Associates Awards. Today, this boat brand is among the most esteemed ones on the market, both for new and used boats.

Best Pontoon Brands


Barletta is a top-tier pontoon manufacturer in the industry since the 1960s. With over 50 years of experience, the company has perfected the art of building durable, high-quality pontoons that are easy to store and transport.


Manitou is another pontoon brand that features some of the highest quality and most reliable boats on the market. The company has a full range of boats to choose from, including smaller personal watercraft to advanced sports boats.


Bennington designs pontoon boats for recreational users who wish to spend time on the water with their friends and family. These boats are manufactured to provide a comfortable and stable ride, excellent fishing features, and easy handling.

Best Yacht Brands

Sea Ray

Sea Ray is a boat manufacturing company owned by Brunswick Corporation. The brand manufactures various boat models, but its most popular series is Sundancer which dates back over 40 years. These yachts come in various sizes and are ideal for family fun, with safely walled seating up front for children and protection from the sunlight when needed.

Viking Yachts

Viking Yachts was established in 1964 and has over 50 years of experience building cruising and luxury performance sportfishing yachts. Today, the company has become a world leader in semi-custom fiberglass yacht manufacturing, with more than 4,000 boats delivered.

The V-46 is part of the V series that has introduced brand-new features and additional amenities while maintaining its fishing boat DNA. You can also choose from various yacht models with billfish, open bridge, and enclosed bridge designs.

Hatteras Yachts Inc.

Hatteras Yachts is a yacht brand with over 60 years of experience in the boating industry. The company was established in North Carolina by founder Willis Slane. The brand has luxury yachts known for their over-engineered details and high-quality craftsmanship. They use CAT marine engines to ensure immaculate performance and long-term engine reliability.

Best Electric Boat Brands


Duffy is a boat brand that has essentially pioneered the concept of electric boats. The company has manufactured the since 1970 for people looking to have a good time while enjoying short distances. There are numerous Duffy models to browse from, ranging from small to big ones. Duffy boats have normal seating and onboard dining based on they are outfitted.


Frauscher is an Austrian boat manufacturing company known for its cutting-edge craftsmanship. The brand has been in the industry since 1927 and continues to release innovative boats. Their newest electric boat, the Mirage 740 hit the market in 2019 and is considered a super yacht that can carry around six people. It is not the best boat builder in the USA but still a quality brand.


The Super Air Nautique GS22E is the only fully electric water sports boat on the market. This model features an instant torque delivery for 2 to 3 hours on a single charge. The boat can be recharged in as little as 1.5 hours through a D.C. fast-charge system. The operating system of the GS22E has won many awards for utilizing 100% clean energy and releasing zero carbon emissions. If you are a boat enthusiast who cares about the environment, this boat is for you.


X-Shore is a Swedish brand that manufactures fully electric smart boats. The company has two offices based in the United States. It is safe to say that these hybrid and electric-powered boats will soon skyrocket in popularity thanks to their eco-conscious and low-maintenance qualities. In 2021, X-Shore released a new model called the Eelex 8000, which has a minimalist design, low-impact materials, and real-time data technology.

Best ‘Jetski’ Brands (PWC Brands)


Yamaha is a leading name in the power sports industry and a key player in the jet ski market. It offers a wide variety of ergonomically-designed and versatile personal watercraft called WaveRunners. These jet skis are known for their comfort, reliability, and control of the water. Moreover, they require little maintenance and are very durable.


Kawasaki is a pioneer in the PWC industry. In 1972, the brand released the first-ever stand-up Kawasaki Jet Ski, which quickly became a commercial success. Today, the term “jet ski” is used synonymously with personal watercraft.

This PWC brand offers feature-rich and powerful jet skis to suit most consumer needs. Their machines are comparatively more costly, but the quality and comfort provided also remain unmatched.


Sea-Doo was the first-ever jet ski manufacturer and has since maintained its legacy as one of the most popular PWC brands in the world. The company produces affordable yet high-quality jet skis and has the largest variety compared to all the major manufacturers. The Sea-Doo Spark is currently the cheapest PWC on the market.

Quality and CraftsmanshipAssess build quality, materials, attention to detail, and durability.
Innovation and TechnologyEvaluate integration of advanced features and technologies.
Range and DiversityConsider the variety of boat types offered by the brand.
Customer SatisfactionExamine feedback, reviews, and overall customer experience.
Reputation and HeritageAssess brand’s history, recognition, and industry reputation.
Performance and HandlingEvaluate speed, maneuverability, stability, and efficiency.
Resale ValueConsider how well the brand’s boats retain their value.
Safety FeaturesAssess the incorporation of life-saving and safety technologies.
Environmental ImpactEvaluate the brand’s commitment to sustainability.
Price and Value for MoneyConsider affordability and value offered by the brand.
table summarizing the criteria for ranking boat brands

Here’s a table with the rankings for PWC (Personal Watercraft) brands (top boat companies):

BrandQualityInnovationRangeSatisfactionReputationPerformanceResale ValueSafetyEnvironmental ImpactPrice & Value

Please note that these rankings are based on general observations and may not reflect individual preferences or specific models within each brand’s lineup.


In this article, we talked about the best boat brands that are not only based in the United States but worldwide. We further divided these brands based on what they are most popular for, such as sailboats, electric boats, fishing boats, and personal watercraft.

Choosing 10 best boat manufacturers or brands is quite a chore, since there’s such a huge difference between the best fishing boats, the best cruisers, and the best daysailers.

Our list contains reputable and established boat brands heralded by consumers and industry experts for their innovation, experience, and reliability. If you are planning to buy or rent a boat, this list can help you do your research and enable you to make better financial decisions.

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In the future we can talk about the top boat manufacturers in Florida specifically.

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