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Ten Boat Value Calculators you need to know

10 Best Boat Value Calculators Reviewed

Calculating the used or old boat value is not as easy as calculating a used car’s value. There are many guides available that you can use while you want to calculate your boat’s value. Sometimes, new or rare boat models are not listed in those value guides. So, what’s are those tools and how do they compare?

The 10 best boat value calculators are online. These boat value estimators will help you calculate the boat’s worth by year, make, and model. If you are researching a used boat and don’t know about any of these valuators and pricing guides, then you have come to the right place. This guide is for you. In this article, we will review and compare the top 10 best boat value calculators:

Top 10 Boat Value Estimators [Reviewed] – Find Your Boat’s Worth

You can find your boat’s values in various ways but boat value calculators are a good start. We will discuss other methods like boat appraisals and C&V surveys in another article. These calculators help to calculate the average values of new models of vessels. HinDecoder, NADA guides, and ABOS value calculator are a few of these. Let’s get started, #BoatValue #BoatPricing #BoatEstimate #BoatAppraisal

1. NADA Guides Boat Values by JD Power

URL: https://www.nadaguides.com/Boats

About this tool:

NADA guides boat values are one of the best ways for checking the prices of new and old boats. You can find the values of outboard motors, powerboats, sailboats, personal watercraft, and boat trailers with this value guide. J.D. Power is a leading provider of trusted vehicle/vessel valuations, and the owner and operator of NADAguides.com (which will rebrand to JDPower.com soon). J.D. Power has been delivering incisive industry intelligence on customer interactions with brands and products for more than 50 years.

When buying a used boat, you should focus as well on the Boat Alert history report because a boat’s value is affected by its history. Don’t buy a boat that needs very costly damage repairs.

Start by selecting a manufacturer from the list of 1,890 available to choose from. Then choose the year and the page will list the models and series along with some specifications (length, horsepower and fuel type). In order to get a location-based estimate, they ask for the zip code and then any options and trailer. You will then receive a suggested list price and low/average retail prices.

Is there an Edmunds boat value calculator just like KBB for cars but similar for boats?

No, Edmunds does not offer such tool for boats.

2. HINDecoder.com boat values by HIN

URL: https://www.hindecoder.com/boat-value-calculator.php

About this tool:

This is one of the free boat value estimators. Actually, there are two available on the site. You can use them tool for finding the market values of any used boat. Simply enter the HIN, year, make, and model of the boat. You will get a quickly calculated value of the boat with a suggested list price. It is not customizable by zip code. If you are not sure about the year or make of your boat, HINDecoder.com has a free Hull Identification Number decoder that helps you read your HIN and confirm the year and make.

Example HINDecoder Boat Value Estimate
Example HINDecoder Boat Value Estimate

Lookup boat value by HIN

The tools discussed on this page don’t all allow you to lookup boat value by Hull Identification Number (HIN) but the HINDecoder above, bucvalue and boatfax below can do that.

Podcast: top 10 boat value calculators

3. Boat Trader Price Checker

URL: https://www.boattrader.com/research/tools/price-checker/

Here comes another trusted boat price calculator by a well-known boat classifieds company (Boats Group). It provides the latest market values of the boat because of their access to new and used boat listings from dealers and private sellers. You have to enter the date range in the required boxes, then the boat company name, length in feet, and then they will list prices of boats in your area matching those filters. This is not the same as an estimator because you are seeing actual boat listings in your area right now. These are boats on the market today that you can values compare with or even buy. There are alternatives like eBay and Craigslist where you can see other boats for sale and compare the market going rate of your vessel. This boat price checker will show you the listed prices for boats for each boat so you can compare the listing prices for your vessel model and year.

4. BucValue boat value estimator

URL: http://www.bucvalu.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=boat_values

If you want to get a more satisfying boat value by putting each of the boat’s details, the BucValue boat value calculator is one of the best but you have to have an account. It requires you to enter each minor detail of used or new boat like engine type, boat type, engine HP etc. After submitting all the required and optional details of the vessel, you will have to sign in to view the market value for your boat.

BucValue Estimator for boats
BucValue Estimator for boats

5. ABOS Marine boat value guide

URL: https://app.pricedigests.com/?classification=Boats

This is one of the most comprehensive and famous boat value calculator where you can get the market value of any boat. Enter the category such as boat trailers, personal watercraft, sailboats etc. for which you want to estimate the market value. Add the year and then manufacturer of the boat. After then you have to select the boat model. You will be asked to pay $32 USD to purchase one lookup credit. More on ABOS below.

!0 best boat value estimator tools

6. BoatWizard’s SoldBoats database

URL: https://soldboats.boatwizard.com/soldboats/search (requires account)

Boatwizard is one of the most famous sources as well for calculating the value of used boats however it is only available to members of the Boats Groups DEALER subscribers so a login is required. There is also a mobile app for BoatWizard. Read more here.

7. ValueMyTradeIn

URL: https://www.valuemytradein.com/iframe/iframe.php?id=1609

ValueMyTradeIn is a service by boatvaluator.com. They use JD Power’s data behind the scenes and require you to submit your name and email before obtaining the results of your boat value search. If you are going to buy a used boat while managing your budget, you shouldn’t take a guess. Check and calculate the market value of that boat and then decide how much you will offer for it. Their tool has a patent behind it.

8. BoatValue.com powered by JD Power

URL: https://boatvalue.com

Boatvalue.com has a logo that resembles boatvaluator.com but one thing that is different from all the rest is the “boat hours” input. They still ask for a name and email before you can see the results. Their boat value estimator provides you with the market pricing guides of boats whether you want to buy or sell a boat.

9. BoatCrazy boat value lookup

URL: https://boatcrazy.com/valuation

Boatcrazy a leading marketplace for buying and selling boats. Kind of a competitor to Boat Trader. Yacht Values are provided to them by ABOS Marine Blue Book Online (discussed above). They do require you to create an account and pay a $5 fee that you can use towards listing a boat for sale on their site.

BoatCrazy vessel valuation report for 5$
BoatCrazy vessel valuation report for 5$

10. BoatFax boat value calculator

URL: https://www.boatfax.com/index.php?option=com_bfx_valuer&view=bfx_valuer&Itemid=184

BoatFax has multiple products on their site an is one of the alternative boat history reports companies. They have boat listings, reports and a value calculator. The boatfax boat value calculator is an easy one to use and is pretty fast.

Conclusion – The Takeaway for boat value lookup

Whenever you want to buy any used boat, you surely need to check its market value before buying it. We covered the 10 best boat value calculations websites in this product review and comparison. The help of a broker and appraiser are still needed. #BoatValue #BoatPricing #BoatEstimate #BoatAppraisal

Get started by trying a boat value lookup today!

and remember, a boat’s history affects its value so make sure to check the Boat Alert HIN Lookup Report.

Download the presentation on boat values.

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