Budgeting Your “Boat Dollars”

Preparing your Annual Boat Budget

boat maintenance costs

One of the funniest but sad acronyms attributed to the word ‘boat’ is “Bust Out Another Thousand” (B.O.A.T). Preparing your annual boating budget plan to cover expenses will provide a more satisfying boating experience. We hope you will do this and turn ‘boat’ into “Best of All Time”. If you don’t yet own a boat, head over to our boat buying guide.

Boat Alert History Report · Budgeting Your Boat Dollars

The boat expenses are also called “boat dollars.” One watercraft dollar amounts to $100. So once we state, “it was four watercraft dollars,” we indicate it had been $400, and also it’s utilized in reducing the actual fact around the high expense of sailing . Nobody wishes to incur a high cost regarding for sailing. Therefore, proper budgeting and maintenance will make you more able to control those expenses, yet that does not make boating less costly.

budgeting boat expenses
BOAT = Bankruptcy on a Trailer!

Creating your boat budget spreadsheet

Do Your Own Maintenance, Store Your Boat at Home, and Negotiate your insurance. Below is a list of potential expenses that you can use to manage your budget and build a spreadsheet

  • Dockage or mooring fees
  • Launch/hauling
  • Storage (outside, includes blocking and stands)
  • Transportation
  • Winterizing/lay-up
  • Cover
  • Maintenance
  • Commissioning
  • Marina fees and/or yacht club membership
  • Dinghy storage
  • Insurance
  • Excise tax
  • State boat registration/documentation
  • Trailer registration
  • Fuel
  • Safety equipment (charts, PFDs, flares, etc)
  • Other equipment and miscellaneous
Boat maintenance spreadsheet
Annual boating Budget

Building a spreadsheet will provide you with with a practical view of your boating costs or cushion you from associated expenses that often stun much less knowledgeable seafarers. This will allow you to keep track of boat jobs and assist with budget preparation.

Can I afford a boat?

infographic how to afford a boat

Boat maintenance costs and history

The maintenance history of a boat is something that only the owner would know. The Boat-Alert.com database combines 53+ nationwide databases into a single place so you can search for stolen boats, marine lien claims, boating accidents, pollution incidents, auctioned boats, factory recalls, and boat manufacturers.

Search a Boat Hull ID history report with Boat-Alert.com
Budgeting Your “Boat Dollars” from Boat-Alert.com

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