Does Boat Insurance cover Boat Towing?

Many have wondered: Does my insurance help with towing when needed? Turns out, every boat owner needs to ask this.

In this article, we’ll look at how boat and car insurance and towing help are related. We will go through the details and possible issues. You’ll learn about the kinds of insurance for boats and how boat towing works. This info will keep your boating fun safe, no matter the trouble.

Key Takeaways

  • Yes, Boat insurance policies might have towing help included, but how much varies. It depends on the insurer and type of policy.
  • It’s key to carefully check what towing services your policy covers and any limits.
  • Considering a boat towing membership, like SeaTow or TowBoatUS/BoatUS, can give more peace of mind.
  • Keeping your boat well-maintained and boating safely can lower the chance of needing a tow. This reduces costs and worry.


Owning a boat is exciting but also brings responsibilities. This includes getting the right boat insurance. One key part is the boat towing services it covers. Whether you’re stuck on water or land, good boat towing coverage is vital. It helps make sure you have a way to get back.

In this guide, we’ll look at boat insurance and boat towing services. You’ll learn about what is covered, what affects the cost, and how to pick the best service for your boat.

What is Boat Insurance?

Boat insurance is a special kind of coverage for boat owners. It protects against many risks. For example, it covers damage to the boat and helps if someone is hurt. It also includes services like towing. There are many types of boat insurance, each with different levels of coverage.

Types of Boat Insurance Policies

There are several common types of boat insurance [boat insurance policies] policies.

  • Comprehensive coverage: This type protects the boat from many types of damage like storms or theft.
  • Liability coverage: It covers you if you cause harm to others, like damage to their boat or injuries.
  • Uninsured/underinsured boater coverage: If someone without enough insurance hits you, this type helps.
  • Towing and assistance coverage: It pays for on-water towing and emergency fuel delivery.

Coverage Options

There are also extra coverage options you can add to boat insurance.

  • Trailer coverage: Protects the boat trailer against damage or theft.
  • Personal effects coverage: Covers personal items on the boat, such as fishing gear.
  • Pollution and oil spill liability: Helps if your boat causes an environmental issue, like an oil spill. This can help avoid environmental liens.

The details of your boat insurance, like what it covers, will vary. They depend on the insurer, the chosen coverage, and the policy type. Always check your policy to know what is and isn’t covered.

Also, given the recent ruling, you really need to read your policy inside out!

Understanding Boat Towing Services

If your boat breaks down, a good plan for help is key. In the U.S., there are two big boat towing networks: Sea Tow and TowBoatUS (BoatUS). They offer towing memberships and help on the water to everyone. Members and non-members benefit from their on-water aid.

On-Water Assistance

Sea Tow and TowBoatUS/BoatUS lead in boat towing help on the water. They have towing boats and skilled captains all over the country. They can help with a dead battery, engine issues, or if you’re just stuck. These top-tier services ensure you’re not left stranded but are quickly back on the water.

Towing Membership Options

Sea Tow and TowBoatUS/BoatUS don’t just tow boats. Their memberships also offer fuel delivery, jump-starts, and trailer help. With a membership, you get more than on-water assistance. You get peace of mind for when things go wrong while boating.

On-Water Assistance
Towing Membership
Fuel Delivery
Battery Jump-Start
Trailer Assistance

Boat Insurance vs. Towing

The connection between boat insurance and towing is key for boat owners. Most boat insurance policies do include some towing help. But, what this help covers changes a lot from one policy and company to another.

For boat insurance towing coverage, it’s important to really look at what your policy offers. Some policies might handle getting your boat towed on the water. Others might just help if your boat trailer breaks down. Services like bringing you fuel, jumping your battery, and other quick help can be part of this, but the details will vary.

It’s essential to weigh boat insurance vs towing in your policy to get the right coverage for your boating. By knowing what your boat insurance includes for towing, you can wisely decide whether you need more coverage with a separate boat towing membership or not.

CoverageBoat InsuranceStandalone Towing Membership
On-Water TowingIncluded, but coverage limits varyComprehensive coverage with no limits
Roadside AssistanceMay be included for boat trailerTypically includes boat trailer assistance
Fuel DeliverySome policies include this serviceOften included in towing membership plans

Factors Affecting Boat Insurance Costs

Boat insurance costs are like car insurance, affected by various things. This includes how much you’ve boated, your boat’s worth, and where you live. These elements greatly alter how much you pay for insurance, including the cost of towing coverage.

Boating Experience

How much you’ve boated plays a big part in your rates. If you’ve shown you can boat safely, you might pay less for insurance. The number of years on the water, past insurance claims, and your driving record matter a lot.

Boat Value

If your boat is worth more, you’ll likely pay more for insurance, including for towing. The chance of a bigger insurance payout impacts your rates. Things like your boat’s age, who made it, its model, and its shape decide its value. This, in turn, affects your insurance prices.


Where you are also influences your boat insurance costs. If you live near coastlines or areas prone to natural disasters, insurance may be more expensive. This is because there’s a higher chance you’ll need to file a claim. The cost and availability of towing services in your area can also change the price of your insurance.

FactorImpact on Boat Insurance Costs
Boating ExperienceInsurers offer lower premiums to experienced boat owners with a history of safe operation.
Boat ValueHigher-value boats have higher insurance premiums due to the increased potential for payouts.
LocationCoastal regions and areas with higher natural disaster risks may face higher boat insurance costs.

Towing Coverage in Boat Insurance Policies

Boat insurance usually covers towing, but what you get can differ. It’s key to look closely at your policy’s towing coverage. This way, you’ll know what help you can get if your boat breaks down or faces other issues.

On-Water Towing

Boat insurance can help if your boat breaks down. It might cover towing your boat to safety or a repair shop. But, how much help you get can change based on the policy you have.

Roadside Assistance

Some boat policies also offer help for your trailer on the road. This includes fixing flat tires, jump-starts, or towing your trailer when needed. It comes in handy for moving your boat around for launches.

Fuel Delivery

Fuel delivery is another service offered by some boat insurance plans. If your boat runs out of gas, they might pay to get you more fuel. This can help you avoid being stranded out on the water.

Choosing the Right Boat Towing Service

If your boat insurance does not cover towing enough or you seek extra security, a standalone boat towing membership could be wise. Sea Tow and TowBoatUS/BoatUS are the top providers in this area.

Sea Tow

Sea Tow is a top boat towing service in the U.S, with over 100 locations. They offer help 24/7, with services like boat towing, fuel delivery, and battery jumps. Memberships vary to fit different boater’s needs.

In Canada, you have c-tow .


TowBoatUS, linked with BoatUS, is another key player. They have more than 600 towboats and provide extensive help. Their memberships offer dependable and budget-friendly plans for boaters of all kinds.

Boat Towing ServiceKey FeaturesMembership Costs
Sea Tow
  • 24/7 on-water assistance
  • Boat towing, fuel delivery, battery jumps
  • Over 100 locations nationwide

  • Annual memberships starting at $169/yr

  • Discounts for multi-year and family plans

  • Nationwide network of over 600 towboats
  • On-water assistance, including towing and fuel delivery
  • Affordable membership options

  • Annual memberships ranging from $25-215
  • /yr
  • Discounts for multi-year and group plans

An alternative to look into would be Rescue Marine

Importance of Boat Towing Membership

boatus pricing
boatus pricing

Having a boat towing membership gives boat owners peace of mind. It can help a lot in a mechanical breakdown, low fuel, or other emergencies. The importance of a boat towing membership is clear because it offers full support when things go wrong.

Read more at Boat Towing Insurance & Coverage 101 | Discover Boating

With a boat towing membership, you get help from reliable towing services. They can save you when you’re stranded or need to get back to the dock. This is super important in places where help might be hard to find.

These memberships do more than just towing. They also cover fuel delivery, jump-starts, and even help with navigation. This complete package lets you boat with peace of mind, ready for any unexpected events.

The main point of a boat towing membership is to make boating worry-free. It ensures you enjoy your time on the water. Knowing help is just a call away means you can focus on fun and adventure.

Tips for Minimizing Boat Towing Costs

Being a boat owner means keeping your boat in good shape and making sure to be safe on the water. This cuts down on the chances of needing to be towed. You can lower the risk of your boat breaking down or having emergencies that need towing.

Routine Maintenance

It’s key to regularly check and service your boat. This maintenance should include getting your engine tuned up, changing the oil, and inspecting your systems. Doing all this can stop many of the usual problems that need towing. When you keep up with maintenance, it helps you find and fix issues early, before they get serious and costly.

Safe Boating Practices

Along with keeping your boat well-maintained, it’s critical to follow safety guidelines when boating. This means knowing about the local weather, keeping an eye on how much fuel you have, and being ready for anything. Stick to the rules of the water, stay alert, and make sure your boat has the necessary safety supplies. This will make your boating trips safer and decrease the chance of needing to be towed.

Routine MaintenanceStick to a regular maintenance plan, doing things like tuning up the engine and checking the systems. This can stop many common problems that lead to needing a tow.
Safe Boating PracticesLearn about the local weather, keep an eye on fuel, and follow rules to make incidents needing a tow less likely.


Boat insurance and towing coverage matter a lot to boat owners. Policies include some help with towing, but the details change a lot. It’s key to know what your policy offers and what else you might need.

If you pick what your insurance already gives you or add a separate towing service, both can offer great peace of mind. Knowing about boat insurance and towing helps keep your boat safe and fun. Plus, it helps handle any sudden problems on the water.

A good boat insurance policy and a solid towing plan keep your boat going. Spend time checking your insurance and looking at other options. Choose what fits your boating style best. This way, you’re ready for anything while out on the water.

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Does boat insurance cover boat towing?

Boat insurance often includes towing services. This can cover on-water and roadside needs. Always check your policy for specific details.

What types of boat insurance policies are available?

Various boat insurance types exist. They can include coverage for boat harm, liability, and towing.

What are the major boat towing networks?

Sea Tow and TowBoatUS are national networks. They offer memberships for towing support.

How does boat insurance cost compare to car insurance?

The cost of boat insurance is similar to car insurance. It depends on your experience, vessel’s value, and location. These affect how much you pay, including towing.

What should I look for in my boat insurance policy’s towing coverage?

Check your policy’s towing coverage. Make sure you know what it offers and any limits it may have.

What are the benefits of a standalone boat towing membership?

Stand-alone or policy-based towing memberships offer great peace of mind. They help in breakdowns, fuel problems, or any on-water crisis.

How can I minimize the need for boat towing services?

Taking proactive steps can avoid needing to be towed. This includes regular maintenance and safe boating practices.

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