New service for companies: search boat owners by HIN

Ownership search for boats in the USA using Hull #

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Q) Which States are covered in the Boat Alert Owner Search Search?

This tool is NOT the same thing as the full Boat Alert History report. It only searches for owner names and addresses and is meant for companies wanting to search multiple boats on a monthly basis. Consumers looking at just one or a few boats should run the regular Boat Alert History Report purchased on our home page as it will check all database for hidden problems.

Not all states and federal databases will disclose owner name information due to privacy laws. The owner search subscription covers only the following:

  • [Wyoming] owner name + address
  • [Virginia] owner name + address
  • [Texas] owner name + address
  • [Oregon] owner name ONLY
  • [NY] Zip and county only
  • [North Dakota] owner name + address
  • [North Carolina] owner name + county only
  • [Nevada] owner name + address
  • [Mississippi] owner name + address
  • [Massachusetts] owner name + address
  • [Maine] owner name + address
  • [Kansas] owner name + address
  • [Hawaii] owner name ONLY
  • [Georgia] owner name + address
  • [Connecticut] owner name + address

Q) How much does the vessel owner search subscription cost?

You get unlimited monthly searches for $100 USD, paid via PayPal on a recurring basis. Cancel any time. It allows lookups by HIN only and does not cover the entire Boat Alert database, just the owner information search above. Already subscribed? login here.

Desired Password:

To learn more about History Reports for used boats and vin number on boat visit:

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