How boat buying will change in 10 Years

We don’t have a crystal ball but we can take a guess based on boating trends and changes in the industry and laws.

How boat buying will change in 10 Years from

It is always fun to think of the future of boating. We’re all susceptible to imagination now and then so lets concentrate on what the future will potentially look like for boat customers and sellers.

Boat on the sea looking out into the future trends of the industry


Today’s brand-new watercraft are much better than they have ever been before. They’re loaded with even more functions since the makers capacity to supply technology is greater than ever before with globalization and access to high tech in the USA. So, in 5 years, watercraft are going to be even better, right? That implies that in 10 years the used-boat market is most likely to be raging with excellent, feature-laden used designs. Electric cars are on the rise so what about electric boats?

If boats are better then they require less maintenance now so the same caution I have is this: Has it been well looked after? Have the mechanics been kept? Just how was it utilized? Etc. This is the boat history.

In regards to selling/buying, modern technology is most likely to blaze a trail here. Imagine seeing a vessel with a surveyor that has the ability to explain his findings by videos. See what the surveyor sees in real-time! One day we will be able to obtain three-dimensional holographic pictures of the watercraft. This is already happening in the real-estate market.


Another trend you will see increasing is the boat-rental like the “uber of boats” company ClickAndBoat. The database will have doubled in size as well so you can lookup insane amounts of boat histories.

The future of boating

Certain websites will be leading the way such as boattrader. Certain Boat manufacturers will lead the way into greater sustainability and greater use of technology such as Artificial-intelligence on yachts (or in their designs).


The UCOTVA law should be enacted in more and more states in the coming years. This will help the carfax for boat to be effective.

Infographic: the future of boating and how to protect it
Infographic: the future of boating and how to protect it

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