All About Jet Boards | What is a Jet Board?

The Jet Board is used in water sports

Image of a Jet Board
Image of a Jet Board. Sometimes called jetSurf or jet surfboards

With the introduction of the jet board, a new water sport has emerged, the so-called jet boarding. We have covered Personal Water Craft like Jetski before in our article on selecting the Right Personal Water Craft (PWC).

What is a Jet Board?

A jet board is a surfboard that is motorized. The rider controls the speed using a hand-held remote control and maneuvers the board using weight shifting. Jet boarding offers a pleasant and exciting experience on the water and is suitable for all riders and represents an innovative addition to traditional water sports. With an extraordinary growth in recent years, the sport is gaining popularity and momentum and is being called the next big thing in water sports.

History Of Jet boards

The Jetboard is one of the earliest (if not the earliest) motorized surfboards manufactured between 1965 and 1968. It is the earliest powered longboard surfboard. The original designer was a former engineer for Boeing aircraft. The jetboard is designed to use trim flaps and rollers for aircraft to control foot acceleration. A simple and sophisticated safety switch uses a magnet to connect two electrical connection points on the motor surface to a waterproof hatch.

How to Use a Jet Board

Start by laying on the board in the water. To start the engine underwater, pull the start handle from the top of the deck to the engine hatch. The driver fastens the strap around his ankles with flexible wires lined with magnets. If the driver falls, the seat belt stops the engine. The air is fed into the engine via a controlled valve in the nose of the board surface.

How to get on a jet board

Once you have some speed of around 30mph, you can really enjoy it standing up

standing on a jetboard

Surf Boarding

Surfboards with smoother decks are harder to balance and learn. If you buy a rough surface, the grip will be more comfortable in the long run, but prolonged standing can be difficult.

The typical body of the board is made of lightweight carbon and can reach speeds of up to 60 km/h. Best of all, the board has 4 seconds of serious torque. It is able to eat curves, spin and accelerate like a bat from hell. The board is designed flat and sends it straight out. It can be controlled via a mobile phone app, which provides the surfer with different modes depending on mood and experience.

Optimized and efficient products were created in the 2000s. One of the decisive steps was the production of the best electric surfboard in the world. With scientific evolution, high-speed carbon-fiber boards have gained popularity.

Most Jet Boards are powered by a 21 kW lithium battery, this offers a reported run time of 90 minutes and allows the rider to control the speed with a portable Bluetooth remote control. Quiet, emission-free and light, it lifts up to 70 centimeters into the air and gives the feeling of flying through the water. It is controlled by a radio choke, weighs only 40 kg and runs for 40 minutes. If you want to race with friends, Potter Bay’s mobile app offers drivers four driving modes depending on their mood: experience, children, eco-sport and extreme.

Electric Surf Board

For low budgets the Electric surfboard is another option: An electric surfboard is similar to the standard surfboard you see everywhere. Of the other three, electric surfboards have the most power to help you reach high speeds. Electric standing paddleboard: These are called SUP boards and have a similar function, but are not motorized. The difference to electric standing paddleboards lies in the engine.

Alternatives to Jet Boards | New innovations

There are other alternative surfboard like devices that have been invented recently that you should be aware of:

  • Cabratec –
  • Hydrofoiler XE-1 –
The world’s first water bike that replicates the cycling experience on water.
  • Flyride –
Zapata has developed a new watercraft that lets you fly
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