Why dealers are using boat-alert boat history hin search reports


Are you tired of average sales? Do you need to brand yourself more and make your business sales cycle that much easier? Do you need to create a good working relationship with your customer? How do I get them to trust my business? Worry less! Because having boat alert reports at your disposal knocks off this question with positive outcome. A boat dealer who has this report at hand has an edge and increased opportunity over competitors who don’t have the report.


Boat alert reports make you the expert of a boat; you are in providing the information and history of a particular boat to shoppers/buyers. Customers come with the belief that you have answers to all their questions on a given boat.

You become that expert by getting this boat-alert report and offering it for free and upfront. Businesses like yours need this very essential tool for growth and trust. How do you get that? Boat alert report gives you this edge by making the sales cycle shorter as it answers question upfront and reduces risk on all parties. Also responding to all questions very fast with the information at your fingertip will move the things forward.


When it comes to litigation, having a prior knowledge of any problems puts you on the right track as this will help in disclosing such issue to your customer. We have heard of cases where the broker or seller were found liable for damage and it was proven they didn’t do their due diligence even for an innocent misrepresentation.

BoatAlert HINCheck reports will search for negative events in the boat’s history using the HULL ID number. The problem attached to pre-owned inventory sales is fear. The boat buyer’s fear is that they are buying someone else issues. HULL check reports can eliminate such fears and eliminate the unknowns for all parties.


Getting boat alert reports helps you in establishing a good customer relationship and boosts their trust level in you, imagine telling your customer “it’s not a perfect boat, there’s no warranty but let me tell you all the things that we have done to make this piece of inventory less likely to have an issue.” You can come off as a down to earth and above-board type of seller. It increases trust level and credibility such that the customer would think you are looking out for them.

Justify your high selling point by showing its history. Imagine giving boat alert HIN check for free and your competitor does not offer it, (“I wonder why they don’t”, you say…) and of course this makes your brand unique and reveals to target audience that your competitors are making them buy at full price but you are giving value upfront.


Why not make use of the boat alert reports and add it as an inexpensive selling tool?

Boat-Alert.com searches the Hull ID Number in millions of records across tens of databases to find negative events.

Sign up now for the dealer subscription and get boat-alert reports at 4$ each.



Each Report Checks For:

Whats included (when available).

  • Accident Checks
  • Pollution
  • Claims
  • Salvage & Total Loss
  • NMVTIS Check
  • Boat Recalls
  • Year Validation
  • Auctioned Vessels
  • Canadian Registration
  • Manufacturer Data Validation
  • HIN Validation
  • State Registration No.
  • Lien databases
  • USA Theft
  • Canadian Theft
  • Previous Boat Names
  • USA Documentation
  • Cross Check Official numbers