Our Story

It all started in 2009, when Mr. Kabbani. was looking to buy his first used car and had a limited budget for it. (More about BOATS later). Since this car was to last him for years to come, he wanted to know more about its past; had it been in an accident before or was it stolen? He looked into getting a report through Carfax.com but it was just too expensive for him. So Mr. Kabbani started to research public databases to find out more about this car and was able to uncover so much more about his potential set of wheels - and all for a fraction of a cost than using Carfax! But it took a lot of time. He then taught himself to code and decided to put his data expertise to help others like himself by launching VinAlert.com, a website that provides affordable and informative car reports from the federal government and DMV's.


A few years later, Mr. Kabbani learned that people looking to buy used boats had it even worse. They had no central place to learn more about specific boats and there was no VIN Decoder for boat HIN's. It was a mess in the boat industry! If anyone wanted to find out if a boat had been in an accident, their only choice was to contact the military! So to help boat aficionados, Mr. Kabbani launched HINdecoder.com in 2012 and then Boat-Alert.com in 2015 with the aim of consolidating all the 30 public and private databases into one automatic and instant report.

Since then, Boat Alert has been selling fully comprehensive boat history reports in the US. Boat Alert reports factor in 30 different database points, making those reports the best in the boat industry with the most categories being checked. Boat Alert keeps its business costs low to pass on the savings to boat enthusiasts, who can order reliable boat reports at a more affordable price. The top three things that set us apart from the rest are: 1) Price, 2) Number of databases, and 3) A 60-day money back guarantee.


Boat Alert's #1 priority is helping clients make one of the most important purchase decisions in their lives. The new owners and their team stand by their reports 100% so they are happy to offer a 60-day money back guarantee - no questions asked. Though if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to them since they are here to help. The Support team replies almost instantly and is proud to have served more than 15,000 customers!

Each Report Checks For:

Whats included (when available).

  • Accident Checks
  • Pollution
  • Claims
  • Salvage & Total Loss
  • NMVTIS Check
  • Boat Recalls
  • Year Validation
  • Auctioned Vessels
  • Canadian Registration
  • Manufacturer Data Validation
  • HIN Validation
  • State Registration No.
  • Lien databases
  • USA Theft
  • Canadian Theft
  • Previous Boat Names
  • USA Documentation
  • Cross Check Official numbers