An Interview with Fred

Improve your dealership business with Boat-Alert Reports. An Interview with Fred.


How does Fred, a successful seller, manage his business as a boat dealer?

That was the question that led me to Fred for a discussion on a Friday evening. Fred is a young man who just started as a boat dealer. He got his office across mine and I’m also a long time boat dealer. I was struck on how Fred handles his business and his sales counts were impressive. He had a good relationship with his customer base so I decided to take a lesson and engage in a discussion about the business.


Fred, with the way I see your business as a boat dealer being handled I’m compelled to ask what makes you so unique and different from the regular boat dealer. He laughed and replied, thank you sir for the kind words. I have no big secret about my operation, but I would like to reveal my inexpensive tool to you, I make use of this tool in handling my entire affair as a boat dealer and it has been effective. Do you make use of the boat alert report? I said no, he went further: boat alert reports help you in getting the history of any used boat in the USA to find negative events.

Having a boat alert report is a game changer and when properly maximize, it benefits are enormous. The big catch is that I got improved sales after subscribing and utilizing the boat alert report, I got a better marketing angle, and it made my sales cycle shorter as it answers question in advance.


I was enjoying the conversation. He said, boat report alert has helped me in reducing and minimizing my risk, I know everything about the boat I’m selling, I’m no longer liable since I did my due diligence. It helps me in handling random craigslist boats too. Boat alert reports gave me the information I needed to avoid risk.

Concerning my customer relationship, imagining me coming out plain to them about the boat history, the customer thinks “this dealer is looking out for me. I don’t see other people having this boat alert report and so this one seems to be honest and ethical”. That boosts my credibility, and the level of trust.

Boat alert report helps your customer to remain committed to the deal and keep you in mind, imagine when your customers look at a boat online, they print out that boat alert history report, and it contains your dealership information on it (logo, a blurb about your location, contact information)


Waoh! I exclaimed. How do I get this boat alert report?

That simple sir, I subscribe from, they sell history reports on a used boat. You can sign up for the dealer subscription at $4 each.

Each Report Checks For:

Whats included (when available).

  • Accident Checks
  • Pollution
  • Claims
  • Salvage & Total Loss
  • NMVTIS Check
  • Boat Recalls
  • Year Validation
  • Auctioned Vessels
  • Canadian Registration
  • Manufacturer Data Validation
  • HIN Validation
  • State Registration No.
  • Lien databases
  • USA Theft
  • Canadian Theft
  • Previous Boat Names
  • USA Documentation
  • Cross Check Official numbers