Why Boat Dealers Need Boat-Alert History Reports

Boat dealers who make use of boat alert reports have experienced a high soar on their boat deals and a more effective way in handling their business. BoatAlert offers exclusive information and negative events history report regarding a boat. The history report is a necessity for all dealers who want to be unique from their competitors and offer a first class service to their customers.


Firstly, receiving a boat-alert report gives you a notch in improving your sales by providing a new marketing angle and perspective. This information will definitely increase margins on used boats and make the sales cycle shorter as it answers question upfront. Another great benefit of this boat history report is elimination or reduction of risk taken by boat dealers that could be costly.

This report helps you reduce risk on trade-in and broker boats from either the dealer or broker side. Did you know that most random craigslist boats have issues (about one in seven), and they sell as clean boats? Boat alert reports give you details about the boat to reduce your liability.


Furthermore, Boat-Alert reports give you a security measure by protecting the dealer or broker in knowing everything relating to the boat, thus not making you liable to any undisclosed info and easing fears relating towards stolen boat as it shows you are doing due diligence. When you sell or buy a boat, the fear of being hooked as carrier of stolen product is over with alert reports because providing boat history will eliminate unknowns for all parties involved. Simply offering a BoatAlert Report improves your integrity and reveals how diligent you work for the comfort of your customers.

With your boat history report at hand, you go into trade prepared and not based on an assumption. The details you have at hand from the boat alert reports give you reassurance when you need to set a price as the report includes a HIN DECODER. Having a boat history title reports helps you in representing yourself and organization with faultlessly.


Lastly, giving your client an excellent customer service is achievable by being knowledgeable with the boat alert report such that you get every piece of information at the fingertip of the customer before they walk in the door to look at a used boat.

Having a boat alert report at your disposal allows your customer to share a sense of trust. This is possible by answering your customer (first time customer) questions earlier through the boat alert history check thus making them feel comfortable. They won’t feel embarrassed asking many questions because you offered answers upfront previously.

When your website detail about a boat matches the boat alert history, it creates an excellent first impression because your consumer will do their research before coming.


Start enjoying these benefits and privileges of our product today!

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Each Report Checks For:

Whats included (when available).

  • Accident Checks
  • Pollution
  • Claims
  • Salvage & Total Loss
  • NMVTIS Check
  • Boat Recalls
  • Year Validation
  • Auctioned Vessels
  • Canadian Registration
  • Manufacturer Data Validation
  • HIN Validation
  • State Registration No.
  • Lien databases
  • USA Theft
  • Canadian Theft
  • Previous Boat Names
  • USA Documentation
  • Cross Check Official numbers